Thursday, May 28, 2015

BEA 2015 - Day 2

BEA 2015 - Day 2

Dear Reader,

So, we are back from Day 2, and exhausted!

For the time being, we wanted to give you a taste of our day - a photoghraphic explanation of why we are so freaking tired. This is just a sample of our day (the few times we stopped to snap a pic) but it should show you the whirlwind of activities that we engaged in today:

The Special Guest this year was China, and there was a large section on the floor devoted to the language.
So many gorgeous materials - we wished we knew how to read Chinese!

Meet Tug the Tooth! Mostly we took the photo because we thought the dolls were adorable.
Plus, teeth always remind me of my dentist brother-in-law!

A promising upcoming book that we noticed while standing in line for Ernest Cline (sorry for the blurry...).

Ernest Cline himself signing away! We can't wait to read Armada.

Anthony Marra signing his new book of short stories.

Harry Potter paraphernalia!

From the same super fun booth.

One of the most fun author photos we've ever been involved with.
And, bonus - the book features an octopus!

How cute is this book?!?

A goodie (it was delicious) to promote Holidays and Celebrations
from Taste of Home publishers.

Again, this was just a taste of our day - we've got so much more to tell you! We had such a wonderful time, and we will post more soon!

Amber & Arianna

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