Thursday, February 11, 2016

Anne Frank February

Anne Frank February

Dear Reader,

Life has seriously gotten in the way, and I have been entirely remiss in mentioning my February read with the awesome eBookClassics! We decided to read The Diary of A Young Girl (which I've always been ashamed to admit I've never read) in February in honor of the diarist's passing, 71 years ago. 

I have to admit that I haven't yet started the book, because I have been swamped with 2 already-overdue library books I've been trying to get through (why do I do this to myself?!) and because my reading life has been a bit slower than usual lately. But, I am eager to get started on this book, and may simply let my fines accrue a little bit longer....

I don't yet know how this will go - perhaps I'll try to post some of my reactions to the book, or simply wait till the end to write about all of my feels. (I don't doubt there will be plenty.) 

I do also want to note that I will be reading the "definitive" edition that was released for Kindle 5 or 6 years ago - you can find your own copy here.

Well - I'm off to get started! 


P.S. Does this book remind anyone else of the first episode of My So-Called Life? Because I can't help but think of the scene of Angela speaking with her father in the hallway, when he asks if Anne Frank is a friend of hers from school....

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