Monday, June 30, 2014

Author Interview with Desiree Zamorano

Interview with Desiree Zamorano
Author of "The Amado Women"


Shelf Notes was lucky to meet Desiree Zamorano at Book Expo America
during her signing of "The Amado Women". We reviewed the book yesterday, here. Desiree also graciously has offered to send a free ebook
(Modern Cons or Human Cargo), your pick.
All you need to do is head on over to her website and add yourself to her e-mail list.

Shelf Notes: We wanted to ask you about your upbringing, does it reflect the characters in the book?

Desiree Z: My upbringing is embedded in this novel, from growing up in an impoverished part of LA, in leaving that world behind, to being surrounded by dynamic, intelligent, talented women. 

Shelf Notes: Which character do you most relate to? Which one did you prefer writing? Which one was the hardest to write?

Desiree Z: Yikes! I don't think I'm the only writer to see bits of myself and others in each of my characters--I LOVED writing about Mercy as a child-- every time I revised the novel I DREADED revisiting the tragedies.

Shelf Notes: What about this story makes it stand out from others?

Desiree Z: I think that is more for a reader to say--however in my opinion it's the depth of emotion, the connection between the women, and, I hope, the way the story resolves.

Shelf Notes: What Authors have inspired you to write? What was your favorite book growing up?

Desiree Z: Holy smoke, so many writers have been a source of inspiration. As a kid, the thought of creating an entire world for someone else to enter simply fascinated me. I read a lot of science fiction then, and fell into that world. Growing up I wanted to live inside "A Wrinkle in Time." It wasn't until I was an adult that I found out there were more books in that series. Darn.

As an adult, I am captivated by authors who create multiple story lines, like Kate Atkinson, Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, and bring it all together in a way that's practically magical.

Carolyn See's "Making a Literary Life" really nurtured me when I needed it most. Dagoberto Gilb's "Gritos" gripped, inspired and reminds me of the context surrounding Mexican American authors.

Shelf Notes: Do you have sisters? What kind of relationship do you have with them?

Desiree Z: I have one sister, who lives 10 minutes away. I drew from our relationship to explore what it might feel like to be alienated from her-- happily we are great friends.

Shelf Notes: What was the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome in your life?

Desiree Z: Wait, how can I out myself on that?!? It may prove the basis of many novels to come! Recently, however, becoming a traditionally published author has been the most challenging goal I set for myself. At times I thought it would never happen. The publication of THE AMADO WOMEN has been a huge source of joy and celebration to me and my family.

Shelf Notes: What is the one thing you want a reader to take away after reading your book?

Desiree Z: I hope they experience an emotional recognition and connection with my characters.

Shelf Notes: Lastly, Shelf Notes needs to know what your favorite candy is?

Desiree Z: See's Candy (originally from my home town) makes Peanut Crunch which is my absolute favorite in the world.

We would like to thank Desiree for picking Shelf Notes to introduce her new book to everyone. Want more Desiree? Tomorrow be on the look out for a special blog post from Desiree herself!

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