Wednesday, June 25, 2014


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Dear Reader,

This is, clearly, not a book review.  It's an app review, and it's a review of a FREE, BOOK-THEMED app, so hopefully you'll humor me for a few minutes.  I have become addicted to Bookopotamus, the philanthropic game produced by Findaway, the producers of that great library audiobook staple, the Playaway.  They are totally correct that it is "a fun way to donate to literacy"!  What you do is play a clip from an audiobook, and then choose the book that it is from (don't let that freak you out; it's multiple choice).  Every time you play, the company donates Playaways to children's literacy programs!  Super, right?  You can't go wrong with this adorable little app.  Even if you get totally distracted and end up missing 3 hours of work?  You can justify it by reminding yourself that you are doing it for CHARITY.  And not just 'cause you are totally addicted to books or anything.  It's all good!


P.S. Thanks to the Swiss Army Librarian for bringing this amazingness to my attention!

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