Thursday, August 14, 2014

Best Little Bookstore (Website Review)

I had to share with all our book loving readers this adorable website I came across called: Best Little Bookshop 

The site is currently in Beta and looking to team up with booksellers, flipping through the stock currently offered... I'm charmed. I want to buy so many things on here and I would say they have the perfect gifts for bookish people. This bookshop reminds me of the "gift" area in some of the larger bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Borders (R.I.P.)

The site is UK but the currency and language can be changed on the upper right hand side of the site. The company plans on including 100+ different countries for delivery and making the site the "go-to" for anything unique and interesting. I love the international aspect of this as well, the ability to view and purchase various books from all over the world (potentially) sounds excellent. 

Check out some of the selection below:

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