Friday, August 22, 2014

Bout of Books 11.0 First Update

Bout of Books

I've decided to play along with a blogging "read-a-thon" happening Aug 18th thru Aug 24th, hosted by Bout of Books (another great book blog). 

***UPDATE 1***

I've finished "The Witch and Other Stories Told", review to come middle of September. 

I haven't even picked up "The Dialogue of Dogs" again, I'm halfway through this novella so it shouldn't be a problem?! 

I started Atwood's new story collection but decided I was reading TOO many short story collections at the same time. I've put it on hold until after I finish reading a different ebook I've selected, called....

"The Princess Bride"! Eeek, squeal, bounce,  I'm loving this book. The humor is excellent and matches the feel of the movie *Just makes me think of how WELL the movie did recreating the story from this book*.


I've picked up the next ARC from my giant stack I picked up from Book Expo America. I'm super excited for this one and I might just come home today from work and spend the rest of the afternoon reading it! "Station Eleven" by Emily St. John Mandel  


  1. The Princess Bride oh I remember reading that... I need to dig out my copy and reread it.. Hope your enjoying the read a thon

  2. I am... especially with that book :-)


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