Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sheltered Vol. 1

Sheltered Volume 1
Ed Brisson (Writer/Letterer),
John Christmas (Artist)

Published December 2013

First Sentence
"...keep your guns stashed in multiple locations."
Publisher's Description:

The men and women of Safe Haven have been preparing for any and all end-of-world scenarios for years. However, their bunkers, weapons, and training can't save them from the one threat they never could have expected: their own children.

Dear Reader,

This was a graphic novel I was graciously given for free from to review. Sheltered is about a community of doomsday "preppers" preparing for whatever might destroy the world. If you've ever watched the show "Doomsday Preppers" then you know these people actually exist. I'm all for scientific scenario shows and sometimes these end of the world scenarios freak me out and make me think I should be better prepared. This graphic novel goes a little further into the prepping and shows us how a community like this could go wrong. 

Before I get to the catch, I want to make you aware that the novel gives this next bit away right from the start, so this shouldn't be considered a spoiler. The community is called "Safe Haven" and right from the start you see a divide between the young and the old. This becomes even more clear when a group of kids and teens from Safe Haven round up the adults and gun them down. Not everyone is in on this, mind you, and a couple of the main characters witness this and flee for safety (not realizing why this was happening). Slowly, throughout the first novel we get answers as to why the adults were murdered. 

The premise is interesting and like all graphic novels, this isn't the end so the point is to get you hooked to want to read more. I can admit that I want to find out what happens but I wouldn't say this was my sort of thing. The end of the world books/novels are starting to tire me and yes, this is something new but I'm not sure if I want to invest my energy with the rest of the series. Would I suggest it for others? Definitely, especially if doomsday is your thing and you haven't tired of it. This gives a great new perspective, a terrifying one actually. The artwork is solid but the writing a little difficult to read on my tablet (using the Kindle App). Overall, Sheltered gives us exactly what it advertises and could be a really fun graphic novel to get addicted to. 

Happy Reading,

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