Monday, July 13, 2015

Footnotes 7/13 (AmberBug)

Footnotes - July 13th

Hello Readers!

I've been inspired to start a reading life journal from Katie at Bookish Tendencies. I know this is pretty common around the bookternet, and I've decided that I'm ready to join in. So digging right in....

Have you noticed a change to our site within the past year? We added a goodreads widget that shows what we're currently reading. Just thought I should point that out.
-Oh, you noticed I'm reading a book from Cesar Millan, the famous dog trainer? 
-Yes, I am.
-Why else?!!?!?!?! I'm getting a dog! Okay, two dogs... crazy, I know. 
Just look at these two goofballs! Here's the thing... they aren't very well behaved... YET. They've been cooped up in kennels with less exercise than needed. They need to learn their P's & Q's (sitting, not jumping and no puppy mouthing) and I decided the best thing to do was RESEARCH! It's in our nature... us readers.

I'm also trying to come up with some fantastic names for these two... something that goes together. I love Holmes and Watson (for example) but don't think these boys fit for such distinguished names. What do you think? 

On another note, I've been in a reading slump lately (BookRiot did an article recently about this that really spoke to me). I just can't seem to find the book "I want" to read... and mostly this seems to drift me away from the stack of ARC's I picked up to read/review from #BEA15. I've taken down countless of books off my amazing bookshelves and flipped through them to only sigh and place them back. Maybe it's the stress of adding two new family members that has me overly anxious with my book selection. I'm handing off my feelings from picking a Furrever friend (as Marsha would say) to picking the next book to commit too. Please... slap me, I need to quit being overly dramatic. 

So, looks like that's all folks. That was kind of fun... I'm looking forward to sharing my "feeeelingsss" with you again, haha.  

Happy Reading,

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